Building Maintenance

Performs maintenance on a variety of building components such as interior finishes, flooring, ceilings, structural, architectural and building exteriors. In addition, Building Maintenance is responsible for facility signage and organizes special event set-ups, furniture replacement and relocations, and issues keys.

Campus Development

Campus Development is a distinct department within Facilities that engages in the management of all space resources of the institution.


In addition to basic cleaning services to classrooms, offices and common spaces, this department can also provide supplemental services for external events and post-construction clean up. Caretaking is also responsible for the campus recycling programs.


The Grounds department is responsible for developing and maintaining campus exteriors including landscaping, grounds cleanliness and signage.

Operations (Electrical, Mechanical, Utilities)

Responds to demand and emergency requests for all building mechanical and control systems. The department also completes preventive maintenance of all control and building environment systems, supervises work on major and minor projects on campus.

Campus Mobility

The mission of Parking Services is to provide equitable and quality services, and the best possible parking value to the University community. Located in TH101, Phone: 403-329-2602.   Our mission statement is met by providing:

  • Safe and well-maintained parking facilities
  • Enforcement that promotes voluntary compliance with parking regulations
  • Efficient and service-oriented sales of parking permits
  • Parking that complements special events
  • Proactive planning for future parking and transportation needs

Project Management Office

The PMO is responsible for the project management phase of campus construction and renovation projects. The department works with the Captial Projects and Architecture department to turn stakeholder requirements and requests into functional and programmable spaces.


Security Services strives to ensure that all visitors at U of L feel safe. Staff are trained to respond to medical emergencies and offer personal safety programs such as Safe Walk and Working Alone.


At the U of L, we have a vision of creating a greener campus that enhances student learning experiences and preserves the natural, unique landscape that surrounds the University campus.

Destination Project

The University of Lethbridge completed a series of studies and planning exercises that clearly established strategic objectives for the University. As a result of these studies, in 2011, the U of L confirmed the need to plan for significant new construction to support new, purpose-built teaching, research and campus infrastructure facilities, and to implement a major renewal of University Hall.