Disk Sander


  • Select correct grade of abrasive sheet.
  • Table fence and guide must be correctly adjusted and tight. The clearance between sanding disk and table or rest should not exceed one-sixteenth of an inch.
  • Goggles must be worn.
  • Sand only on the downstroke side of disk.
  • Do not hold small pieces in hand. They have a tendency to rotate, with the attendance danger of pulling your fingers against the revolving disk. A few small pieces should be sanded by hand. For a large number, devise a jig to hold them securely.
  • If you must leave sander before finishing the job, turn off the power.
  • Stop sander to make adjustments.
  • Never touch a moving sanding disk.
  • Stop the sander by shutting off power and sanding a scrap piece of wood.
  • Never operate the disk sander if the paper is loose. Report the condition to Instructor.
  • Move the work about to avoid heating and burning a section of the paper.