Drill Press


  • Wear appropriate PPE (Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection).
  • Never attempt to use a regular auger bit on the drill press or in the hand drill. Auger bits for this machine have the lead screw cut smooth and the square tang cut off.
  • Clamp small pieces in a drill vise or clamp them to the table.
  • Keep the table clean, but clean it with a brush. (Not with your hands)
  • Wear a shop cap or tie up the hair when working around whirling machinery. Rings, wristwatches, and gloves should not be worn.
  • Check to see that the chuck key, drift, and all wrenches are removed before starting the machine.
  • Be certain your drills are ground in balance so that they do not tend to whip the work.
  • Beware of the coasting machine.
  • In using a shaping or routing attachment for the drill press, be sure to study the safety rules for the shaper.
  • On deep cuts back out frequently to clean and cool the bit.
  • Center punch for drill point. Use only straight sharp drills.
  • Drill easily without forcing the bit.