Individual Duties

Health & Safety: Individual Responsibilites

Executive Director of Facilities

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director of Facilities to maintain a healthy and safe working environment within the jurisdiction, to monitor and exercise control over assigned areas and implement the following designated safety-related responsibilities:

  • Providing management the support and leadership necessary for the overall planning, implementation and execution of The University of Lethbridge safety policies within their areas of responsibility.
  • Incorporating adequate provisions for safe working practices and conditions in operational policies and procedures and in programs and projects.
  • Monitoring and evaluating safety performance within their areas of responsibility and recommending measures to bring about improvement.

Superintendents, Managers and Supervisors

All Superintendents, Managers and Supervisors within Facilities are responsible for ensuring that facilities and conditions under their jurisdiction are monitored and maintained in a safe manner at all times

Special emphasis should be given to ensuring that adequate training is provided prior to tasks being assigned. It is expected that preference will be given to following established safework procedures over expedient hazardous shortcuts in all operations. Further responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Code; and
  • Planning and executing all activities in a manner that promotes compliance with The University of Lethbridge safety policies.
  • Ensuring that individuals in their areas of assignment have been given adequate direction, training and instruction in the safe performance of their work, and that it is performed without undue risk.
  • Ensuring that employees are provided with all tools and equipment (including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) complete with instructions on its proper use), necessary to carry out their duties without jeopardizing their health and safety or the health and safety of others.
  • Ensuring that work areas are inspected at regular intervals to prevent the development of unsafe conditions and practice.
  • Authorizing the action necessary to correct substandard conditions or procedures.
  • Ensuring all incidents and near misses are reported and investigated, and action taken to prevent a recurrence. See Reporting an Incident.
  • Making every effort to ensure that medical treatment is received for all injuries


All Facilities employees are subject to the health and safety requirements established in this manual, to departmental operational procedures and to all other applicable regulatory requirements. Responsibilities of employees include:

  • Observing all safety rules and procedures established by the regulatory authorities and The University of Lethbridge.
  • Consulting with their Supervisor on the safe way to perform a task which is considered hazardous or is known to be hazardous, prior to beginning the task.
  • Performing a Hazard Assessment before commencement of any task, involving the physical environment, to ensure all control measures are in place to safely execute the task without risk to themselves, other employees or the public.
  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment when required to ensure health and safety are not jeopardized.
  • Promptly reporting hazardous or unsafe equipment, facilities, conditions, procedures or behavior to a supervisor, making suggestions for their corrective action and taking corrective action where authorized.
  • Immediately reporting to a supervisor all work related incidents or injuries and obtaining first-aid treatment without delay.
  • Reporting promptly to a supervisor any treatment by a physician following a work related injury