Eye & Face Protection

Eye & Face: Protection from Multiple Hazards

This PPE is designed to protect the worker from such hazards as:

  • flying objects and particles
  • molten metals
  • splashing liquids
  • ultraviolet, infrared and visible radiation (welding).

This PPE has two types. The first type, "basic eye protection", includes:

  • Eyecup goggles
  • Monoframe goggles and spectacles with or without side shields

The second type, "face protection," includes:

  • Metal mesh face shields for radiant heat or hot and humid conditions
  • Chemical and impact resistant (plastic) face shields
  • Welders shields or helmets with specified cover
  • Filter plates and lens

Hardened glass prescription lens and sport glasses are not an acceptable substitute for proper, required Industrial safety eye protection. Comfort and fit are very important in the selection of safety eyewear. Lens coatings, venting or fittings may be needed to prevent fogging or to fit with regular prescription eyeglasses. Contact lens should NOT be worn at the work-site. Contact lens may trap or absorb particles or gases causing eye irritation or blindness. Hard contact lens may break into the eye when hit. Basic eye protection should be worn with face shields. Face shields alone often aren't enough to fully protect the eyes from work hazards. When eye and face protection is required, advice from the OH&S office, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or your supplier, will help in your selection.

For more information, look at: Alberta's O. H. & S. Act, Regulation & Code and CSA Standard "Industrial Eye and Face Protectors" 294.3 - M1982.

Eye & Face Protection: Best Practices
Do Don't
  • Ensure your eye protection fits properly (close to the face)
  • Clean safety glasses daily, more often if needed
  • Store safety glasses in a safe, clean, dry place when not in use
  • Replace pitted, scratched, bent and poorly fitted PPE (damaged face/eye protection interferes with vision and will not provide the protection it was designed to deliver).
  • Modify eye/face protection
  • Use eye / face protection which does not have a CSA certification (CSA stamp for safety glasses is usually on the frame inside the temple near the hinges of the glasses)

Eye Protection For Welders

Welders and welders' helpers should also wear the prescribed equipment. Anyone else working in the area should also wear eye protection where there is a chance they could be exposed to a flash.