Cleaning Up Biohazards

Clean-up Procedcures for Bio-Hazards
1. Inspect the job area before commencing the work
  • Check the area for blood borne pathogens and other potentially hazardous materials
2. If hazardous materials are present during normal work hours
  • Caretaking will perform cleanup for indoor spills
  • Grounds staff will perform cleanup for spills outside of building
3. If hazardous materials are present after hours
4. Before you start the job, ensure you wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Gloves (disposable latex or vinyl)
  • Goggles
  • Aprons (optional)
  • Face masks should be worn when cleaning the sewage lift stations on campus
  • Use fall restraints when working over open pit areas
5. Ensure you have appropriate cleaning materials on hand
  • Disinfectant solution (Bleach 1 in 10 dilution)
  • Absorbent cloths i.e. paper towel or disposable cloths
  • Garbage bags
6. Carefully apply bleach solution around the edges of the spill working to the center
  • Using paper towels or absorbent cloths, wipe-up spill working from the edges of the spill to the center
  • Allow a twenty-minute contact time
  • Immediately after spill is cleaned up you must wash your hands
7. Clean the spill area again with fresh bleach solution

8. place all materials used in double garbage bags for disposal, including disposable gloves used in the clean up
  • Disposal of materials used will be at the direction of your foremen or manager