Mission Statement

Facilities strives to provide the highest quality environments that enhance learning, creativity and growth.

The Facilities Department is responsible for all building maintenance, operations, infrastructure and major construction projects on campus.

Maintaining the physical facilities on campus is essential for an enriched educational environment at U of L. We are committed to providing quality service and an attractive and functional environment where students, faculty and visitors can thrive.


Facilities is made up of the following departments:

Executive Director's Office

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director of Facilities to maintain a healthy and safe working environment within the jurisdiction, to monitor and exercise control over assigned areas and implement designated safety-related responsibilities.

Managing the Facilities department, the Executive Director provides direction and leadership to ensure that projects and services are handled in a timely and professional manner.

Facility Operations & Maintenance

Facilities is responsible for the provision of operation and maintenance services for campus grounds and facilities.

In addition to providing services under our U of L Facilities normal funding agreement, we hold lease agreements with Ancillary Services and Students' Union.

This department consists of several divisions that collaborate to maintain and enhance all facilities on campus:

Service Centre - Request and Inquiries (local 2602)

Facility Operations Centre (local 2600)

  • Electrical Department
  • Mechanical Department
  • Operation & Controls Department

Building Maintenance

Performs maintenance on a variety of building components such as interior finishes, flooring, ceilings, structural, architectural and building exteriors. In addition, Building Maintenance is responsible for facility signage and organizes special event set-ups, furniture replacement and relocations, and issues keys.


In addition to basic cleaning services to classrooms, offices and common spaces, this department can also provide supplemental services for external events and post-construction clean up. Caretaking is also responsible for the campus recycling programs.


The Grounds department is responsible for developing and maintaining campus exteriors including landscaping, grounds cleanliness and signage.


Delivers specialized technical expertise along with problem solving and repair skills for all electrical services at U of L. The department maintains the electrical systems, emergency power and fire alarm systems, heating and cooling plant, card access and commissioning/project support.


The Mechanical department delivers efficient and safe utility services, while ensuring uninterrupted operation of all mechanical systems and auxiliary equipment 24-7.The majority of these systems are on-site utility systems such as building plumbing and mechanical systems, area sprinkler systems, heating plants and cooling plants.

Operations and Controls

Responds to demand and emergency requests for all building mechanical and control systems. The department also completes preventive maintenance of all control and building environment systems, supervises work on major and minor projects on campus.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office provides design and construction documentation, tendering and construction administration services for all new construction projects and renovations to existing facilities on campus.

Campus Planning & Architecture

This department provides project initiation and pre-design feasibility (space analysis) and planning work for renovation and capital projects, as well as overseeing the Campus Master Plan.

Infrastructure & Engineering

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all the electrical and mechanical systems on campus.


Security Services strives to ensure that all visitors at U of L feel safe. Staff are trained to respond to medical emergencies and offer personal safety programs such as Safe Walk and Working Alone.

Risk & Safety Services

RSS merged with the Security department in 2012. The combination of the two units was made to create more efficient and effective safety and security operations on campus.


U of L Parking Services provides parking permits and is responsible for maintenance and improvement of all roadways, parking lots, pathways and sidewalks on the university campus.