Sprinkler Repair Procedures

In compliance with the University of Lethbridge (U of L) Insurance Requirement a Red Tag Permit needs to be completed anytime repairs or modifications are conducted on U of L Fire Protection Equipment (Building Sprinkler Systems). Advance notice of 24 hours must be given to the Utilities Department in order to receive a Red Tag Permit.

The U of L Journeyman Plumber’s (herein after referred to as ‘the Plumber’) responsibilities are listed below. In the absence of the Plumber, the U of L Journeyman Millwright carries out this work. For the purpose of this document wherever it is noted Plumber, assume this implies Millwright in the Plumbers absence.


A Red Tag permit is required for any repairs or modifications to Sprinkler Systems resulting in shut-down of a Sprinkler System Building Zone.

All Modifications / Repair to Sprinklers to be conducted BY A CERTIFIED CONTRACTOR.

  1. Prior to shutting the zone down, the Plumber is to complete the required sections of the Fire Alarm System Maintenance Form.
  2. The Fire Alarm System Maintenance Form is then handed over to the U of L Electrical department requesting the disconnection of the applicable fire alarm zones.
  3. The Electrical Department then carries out the appropriate procedures in disconnecting the zone and is responsible for the notification to the Fire Alarm Monitoring Company and U of L Security of the work being done.
  4. Once the alarm zones have been disconnected, the Contractor completes the necessary sections on the Red Tag Permit. A copy of this permit is to be posted at the worksite, and a copy is faxed to the Insurance Company (Factory Mutual Insurance Company) as outlined in their letter found in this section.
  5. If work is not completed by the end of the regular workday, a copy of the Red Tag Permit is to be faxed to Security requested additional patrols of the area.
  6. The Plumber isolates and drains the zone for the contractor to carry out the applicable work.
  7. Prior to bringing the zone back on-line, the Plumber is to ensure the zone is in safe condition to be brought back into the system.
  8. When work is completed on the sprinkler systems, the U of L Electrical Department is to be notified for reconnection of the zone to the fire alarm system. It is the responsibility of the Electrical Department to contact the Fire Alarm Monitoring Company and U of L Security, notifying them of the reconnection and
  9. completion of work.
  10. The U of L Electrical Department then completes the Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance Form. This form is kept in the Plant Utilities OH&S Safety Centre.
  11. The Plumber then completes the necessary areas on the Red Tag Permit, closing out the work.
  12. All three (3) copies of the Red Tag Permit are faxed to the Insurance Company (Factory Mutual Insurance Company) as outlined in their letter found in this section.