Chop Saw

  • Safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn at all times when operating Chop Saw.
  • Keep working area clean at all times.
  • Inspect saw to ensure all guards are in place and cords, blades and switches are well maintained and in safe operating condition.
  • Pick a clean area, hopefully 20 to 30' radius area, so the pipe can be turned freely without obstructions.
  • Set up Chop Saw on a level base.
  • Set up blocks approximately 10' back of power vise also on a solid level base. This is to hold opposite end of pipe being cut.
  • Make sure power supply is properly grounded.
  • Mark location on pipe to be cut and place in Chop Saw. Place cutting wheel on mark and pull trigger to start saw.
  • If pipe being cut extends more than approximately 3' in front of chop saw you should also have blocks in front.