Emergency Procedures


In the event of fire, please phone the following EMERGENCY number immediately: 911 or

Action to be taken (R.E.A.C.T.):

  1. Remove those in danger.
  2. Ensure the room is closed. This step will confine a fire to the room of origin. This will also prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases.
  3. Activate the fire alarm. This will occur automatically with smoke and heat detection equipment. There is nothing wrong with calling the Fire Department for assistance and providing details of the fire.
  4. Call the Fire Department. 911 or 329-2345. A person should be designated to call the Fire Department even though the building alarm system is automatically connected to the Fire Department.
  5. Try to extinguish or control the fire. If there is any doubt in the mind of the person(s) attempting to extinguish the fire regarding their ability to do so, then confine the fire to the room of origin by closing the door.
  6. Evacuate.
  7. Keep people from re-entering the building until directed to do so by the Building Fire Warden of Campus Security.

Air Contamination

Should you smell any foreign or unrecognized odors, please phone the following EMERGENCY number immediately: 329-2345.

What to report:

  1. The location of the odor.
  2. Time the odor was first apparent.
  3. Any physical symptoms experienced by persons in the affected area, ie. headache, feeling of nausea.
  4. Any information suggesting the odour's origin.

Open any windows or doors to atempt to dilute the polluted air with fresh outside air. Stay out of the affected area and await further instruction by safety personnel.

Chemical Spills

Should a chemical spill occur in your area please phone the following EMERGENCY number immediately: 329-2345.

What to report:

  1. The location of the spill and any evidence that tells what the chemical could be, ie. an empty bleach bottle lying on the floor indicating the substance may be bleach.
  2. Any odour, ie. a strong smell of ammonia.
  3. Any visible chemical reaction that may be occurring, ie. a substance bubbling on the floor.

When proper personnel have been notified, no one should enter the contaminated area. If an odour is present, open a window and post a guard outside the odorous area keeping untrained persons away. NO ATTEMPT SHOULD BE MADE TO CLEAN UP THE SPILL. Await arrival of emergency personnel.