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Everything DE has to offer for teachers in one place!

Destination Exploration offers programs for both your classroom AND you as an educator!

For your classroom, DE has our Traveling Lab Coat (TLC) workshops and new Field Trip workshops! 

All DE workshops are curriculum-tied, hands-on, and of course FUN for you and your students. The best part is we supply all the materials and don't require parent volunteers!  

For educators, DE hosts professional development events focused on integrating STEM activities into your classroom. We focus on the Alberta curriculum and discovering new ways to integrate technology tools into your classroom and learning outcomes.

For your Classroom or School


2021-22  TLC Workshops
  • Hands-on STEM workshops for your class
  • Both science/engineering & tech workshops are available for each grade.
  • Workshops run for 1-hour
  • No extra materials or parent volunteers needed. 
  • We travel to school throughout Southern Alberta - not just in Lethbridge! 
  • $50 travel fee for schools outside a 30km radius of the U of L. 
  • 2021-22 Workshops Topics are here! Find the brochure online


Field Trips - Visit the UofL
  • Bring your class(es) to visit the U of L! 
  • Science, Engineering, or Tech topic options by grade.
  • 1-hour or 2-hour workshops available
  • Workshops delivered in the Outreach Facility - locked to the general public
  • Starting Nov. 1 all those ages 12+ must be able to show proof of vaccination. 
  • 2021-22 Workshops Topics are here! 



School-wide STEM Days! 
  • A full day of STEM activities for your WHOLE school! 
  • The full DE team will set up in your gym with S.T.E.M. stations
  • Grades cycle through throughout the day to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience each activity
  • Limited to May & June
Virtual Workshops
Available from January 10, 2022 - June 17, 2022
  • Hands-on STEM workshops for your at-home learners or in-person classroom!
  • DE instructors will Zoom into your class to lead an engaging 1-hr workshop
  • Accompanied by a connected pre-recorded video activity to do at your own pace
  • Each workshop ($100) includes materials for both the live AND pre-recorded STEM activity
  • For At-Home Learners, materials can be found around the house. 
  • We deliver material boxes to classrooms anywhere in Southern Alberta, not just in Lethbridge!
  • No parent volunteers required


STEM Days 2019


Teacher Professional Development

*NEW* Virtual PD Video Series
  • Ozobot Training (comes with an Ozobot for your school) 
  • Video series, work through at your own pace!

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PD Workshop Topics 

Destination Exploration hosts professional development events for educators focused on integrating STEM activities into your classroom. We focus on the Alberta curriculum and discovering new ways to integrate technology tools into your classroom and learning outcomes. Book an event today by sending us an email

Makey Makey

The Makey Makey is an invention kit designed to connect everyday objects to computer keys. Using a circuit board, a USB cable, and alligator clips you can bring your computer to life! This workshop teaches the basics behind how the Makey Makey works and then allows your imagination to run free to create your own inventions to teach various learning outcomes in your classroom or STEM clubs.


The tiny robot that blends physical and digital worlds. Using colours and lines you program your robot, screen-free, to follow directions. Using OzoBlockly you can learn to block code your robot to follow a multitude of commands. This robot allows teachers to integrate the Arts into STEM learning in the classroom.

The micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. Using buttons, sensors, a LED light display, and many inputs and output features you will learn how to code it and to interact with it physically. This little computer makes a great compass or step-counter and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Little Bits

Little Bits are an electronic prototyping platform to learn more about electronics and circuits. Learn how to use Little Bits to expand on your circuit’s lessons. These magnetic blocks that snap together are also a great tool to build and prototype various gears and movements.  LittleBits will engage your students and increase their technology literacy, critical thinking, creative confidence, and build teamwork skills.

Team Building Activities

Bring your colleagues and join us for a fun, hands-on, and engaging workshop that builds confidence in STEM, expands your activity bank and helps builds a stronger team. It is your turn to do all the fun activities your students experience!


Canadian Teachers' Readiness for STEM Education

Results from Actua's National Survey of Teachers


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