TLC Workshop Topics

Details on available workshops

TLC workshops are 1-hour in length and geared towards that grade's curriculum and learning levels. Topics now cover the new and old curriculum 

30 student max per workshop, $100/hour, no parent volunteers required, we'll bring everything!



Spectacular Science

This workshop is designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of science and to introduce them to some of the concepts that they will be learning in Grade 1.

Grade 1

Bendy Building

New Curriculum

Students will investigate the strengths and weaknesses of different shapes then design and test what takes those shapes to their limits! What bendy builds will you make?

Reasons for the Seasons

New & Old Curriculum

Through hands-on activities and technology, students will explore larger patterns in weather and how the changing seasons directly affect the world around us.

Construction Deconstruction

Old Curriculum

Deconstruct what makes a city and how shapes make up everything around us. Use these tools to construct various strong structures for your miniature city. 

Grade 2

Whatever Makes Your Boat Float

New Curriculum 

Students will take a closer look at what materials are used to create different boats and why. Then test out their theories by building a boat to hold weighted objects.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

New Curriculum 

Students will explore the inner workings of the human ear and how we can distinguish different sounds. Then build a device that brings it all together!

The Invisible Force

Old Curriculum 

Explore magnetism, renewable energy and how polarity can be used to create an “invisible” force. Students will build a vehicle that runs on the power of magnets!

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Old Curriculum 

Through planning, building, and testing, students will create a boat to discover what sinks and what floats! Learning about buoyancy is easy in a hands-on environment.

Grade 3

Wacky Water Cycles

New Curriculum

Students will follow the journey of water through its cycle on a small scale, the learn about states of matter in a hands-on experiment they can take home.

Master Builders

New & Old Curriculum 

Explore all the forces that can affect buildings and what makes a strong structure. Students will build and test to see if their design can stand up to the elements.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Old Curriculum

Students will explore the inner workings of the human ear and how we can distinguish different sounds. Then build a device that brings it all together!

Grade 4

The Invisible Force

New Curriculum

Explore magnetism, renewable energy, and how polarity can act as an “invisible” force. Students will build a vehicle that runs on the power of magnets!

Conservation Centres (TBA)

New Curriculum 

Workshop coming soon!

Tractor Factor

Old Curriculum 

Designing and creating a device that moves is only step one. While using LittleBits, students are then challenged with creating different circuits to add to their creations!

Light the Way

Old Curriculum

Light is more than what the eye can see! Learn about the different properties of light and build a spectroscope to uncover what white light really is.

Grade 5

To Infinity & Beyond!

New Curriculum

3, 2, 1... Blast off! After learning about how engineers build and design things that fly, students will have the chance to make their own and use newton’s laws to launch them!

Science Mix Up!

New & Old Curriculum

Using the scientific method and new chemistry skills, students will investigate a series of chemical reactions to help solve the mystery of the lab!

Synthesizing Circuits

Old Curriculum

Students will be introduced to parts of a circuit and put their creativity to the test by wiring a Makey Makey piano with conductive materials.

Grade 6

Twirling Towers

New Curriculum

Students will be blown away as they build and construct a working windmill that produces electricity to learn about renewable energy sources.

Lunar Lander

New Curriculum

Space is the final FUN-tier in this hands-on design challenge. Students will learn about the importance of space travel, then build and test their very own lunar lander.

CSI Techs

Old Curriculum

Students will use their detective skills to identify patterns in fingerprints then see what other unique characteristics organisms have while doing a fruit DNA extraction!

Space X Challenge

Old Curriculum

Space travel is an expensive industry! Students will learn about renewable resources and aerospace engineering while challenged to build landing gear for Falcon 9.

Grade 7

It's a Hot Topic

What is the difference between heat and temperature? Students will put Particle Theory to the test by coding an Arduino thermometer gauge.

Engineering Speedway

Students will work to build a system of structures that will be able to withstand both uniform and varying loads and explore how engineering fits into our everyday lives.

Grade 8 

More than Meets the Eye

Students will explore how light moves and put that knowledge into action as they build and code a light sensing device with an Arduino and breadboard!

Mechanical Systems

In a society headed towards automation, students will design a robot that uses simple machines to their advantage and explore principals of mechanical engineering.

Technology Topics

Grades 1-8

All tech workshops are scaled to meet the level of each class. 

Start From SCRATCH

Scratch is a great first step into the world of coding! Students will learn the basics of block coding and how to create their own custom musical words. Computers are required for this workshop

Out of this World OZOBOTS

Ozobots allow us to understand the fundamentals of coding without touching a computer! Learn how to code and direct these bots using colourful markers.

Speeding SPHEROS

Spheros allow us to explore how speed and momentum can play a big part in movement. Students will use code blocks to maneuver this robot efficiently through a track.

Grades 5-8

All tech workshops are scaled to meet the level of each class. 

Micro:bit Makers

Using micro:bits students will learn how to code a simple input/output game that will put their creativity and hand-eye coordination skills to the test. 

Create. Connect. Code

The Makey Makey brings circuits to life! Students will design their own conductive buttons, learn circuit basics, and code a simple program to connect everything together.