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The University of Lethbridge and eleV are pleased to offer a summer research program to Indigenous Grade 11 students currently registered in an Alberta high school. The Indigenous Summer Research Academy is designed to give selected Grade 11 students from around the province first-hand experience with research, and introduce them to research career opportunities. We invite you to pass on the news about InSRA to your students and encourage them to apply.

Students must have completed or be in the process of completing Math 20 – 1 or 20 – 2, and Bio 20, or Science 20, or one other science. A minimum grade average of 65% and solid school attendance is required. 

InSRA is not just a laboratory work experience. It is a well-rounded program focused on Grade 11 students as they have a year remaining of high school in which to consider their future university studies in light of their InSRA experience.

Because the students will be working alongside university researchers who are volunteering their time to be mentors, we want to ensure that the students selected are not only bright, but curious about science, willing to ask questions, and show a genuine interest in the possibility of scientific research as an educational and career direction.

During the program, InSRA participants will meet at least once a week for a variety of activities to broaden and enhance their research experience. Activities include safety and introductory training sessions and discussions with guest speakers about their careers in research. Each participant is required to prepare and present a research poster about their project and commit to giving a presentation about their InSRA experience to a science class of younger students at their high school in the school year following the program.