Destination Exploration is celebrating its 20th birthday this year! 

How are we going to celebrate you ask? EVERY Monday (yes-all year) we’ll have a 20th celebration post for you to check out and each month will highlight one of the many parts of DE. 

?  if you have pictures or memories from your time at Destination Exploration, we’d love to see and hear about them. Make sure to use the hashtag #20yearsofDE




Founded in 2002, DE started with two small programs and engaged just 30 students that first year. Over the past 20 years, we've grown to now reach over 5,000 students and community members. 

This month we're celebrating the journey and looking back at DE through the ages. Take a peak at our story by clicking on the block below. 

May: 20th Celebration Event

June: Actua + DE = <3

July: Camp Through the Years

August: Our Favourite Projects

September: School Year Fun

October: Fun for the Whole Family

November: What the Future Holds

December: 20th Year In Review

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