Research Chairs

Research Chairs are prestigious academic distinctions bestowed upon faculty members recognized by their peers as having distinguished and renowned records of research or other scholarly or creative activity.

Canada 150 Research Chair

The Canada 150 Research Chairs Program seeks to enhance Canada's reputation as a global centre for science, research and innovation excellence, in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. It provides Canadian institutions with a one-time investment to attract top-tier, internationally-based scholars and researchers to Canada. The U of L is home to 1 of 24 awards.


Borries Demeler

C150 Chair in Biophysics

Canada Research Chairs (CRC)

Established by the Government of Canada, the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program strives to make Canada one of the world’s top countries in research and development. There are two types of Canada Research Chairs:

  • Tier 1 Chairs are earmarked for outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields.
  • Tier 2 Chairs are earmarked for emerging scholars that have the potential to lead in their field.
Louise Barrett

Tier 1 CRC in Cognition, Evolution and Behaviour

Matthew Bogard
Matthew Bogard

Tier 2 CRC in Aquatic Environments

Monique Giroux

Tier 2 CRC in Métis Music

Jean-Denys Hamel
Jean-Denys Hamel

Tier 2 CRC in Organofluorine Chemistry & Catalysis

Andrew Iwaniuk

Tier 2 CRC in Comparative Neuroanatomy

Trushar Patel
Trushar Patel

Tier 2 CRC in RNA & Protein Biophysics

Steve Wiseman

Tier 2 CRC in Aquatic and Mechanistic Toxicology

Julie Young

Tier 2 CRC in Critical Border Studies

Stacey Wetmore

Tier 1 CRC in Computational Chemistry

Endowed, Sponsored, or Honorific Chairs

Brenda Leung

Emmy Droog Chair in Complementary & Alternative Health

Miranda Leibel

Evelyn Hamilton Chair in Liberal Education

Susan Dieleman

Jarislowsky Chair in Trust and Political Leadership


Kolb Professorship/Chair in Neuroscience

Shelley Hoover

RDAR Research Professor, Apiculture ad Pollination Entomologist

Michelle Konschuh

RDAR Research Professor, Irrigated Crop Production

Kim Stanford

RDAR Research Professor, Livestock Pathogens

Board of Governors Research Chairs

The Board of Governors Research Chair (BoGRC) program recognizes faculty who have demonstrated, or who have shown potential for, exceptional scholarly distinction. As accomplished scholars, BoGRCs are role models who play leadership roles in their field of expertise, stimulate growth in the research enterprise, and are dedicated to the training of the next generation of researchers, scholars, and artists.

Carly Adams

Tier I BoGRC

Debra Basil

Tier I BoGRC in Marketing and Management

Theresa Burg

Tier I BoGRC in Molecular Ecology

Darren Chistensen

Tier II BoGRC in Addictions

Elizabeth Galway

Tier I BoGRC in Children's Literature, Culture, and Identity

Claudia Gonzalez

Tier I BoGRC in Sex and Differences in Cognition

Paul Hayes

Tier I BoGRC in Organometallic Chemistry

Chris Hopkinson

Tier I BoGRC in Terrestrial Ecosystems Remote Sensing

Mary Kavanagh sitting in art studio
Mary Kavanagh

Tier I BoGRC in Fine Arts

Richard Larouche

Tier II BoGRC in Children's Physical Activity

Robert LeBlanc

Tier II BoGRC in Literacy Studies

Jenny McCune
Jenny McCune

Tier II BoGRC in Plant Conservation

Kevin McGeough

Tier I BoGRC in Archaeological Theory and Reception

Gerlinde Metz

Tier I BoGRC

Katharina Stevens

Tier II BoGRC in Ethics of Argumentation

Paul Vasey
Paul Vasey

Tier I BoGRC