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  • Bachelor of Arts - Art
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science - Art
  • Bachelor of Arts - Art/Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Arts - Art/Bachelor of Education (BA/BEd)


  • Lethbridge


Fall & Spring

Program description

Be inspired by art and visual culture, and make your mark on the world. Work with internationally active artists and scholars as you pursue your professional and creative goals in a collaborative environment.

A bachelor's degree (BA) in art allows you to explore art as well as other interests; it offers flexible program options, while you focus on studio art and art history/museum studies courses.

Build your program across art, humanities, sciences and social sciences. You'll delve into studio art and art history/museum studies courses to understand and appreciate art from around the world, and immerse yourself in the study of culture and creativity. You'll also compliment these studies with courses outside your major to achieve your degree.

Customize your BA (Art)

  • BA (Art) allows you to take a minor and includes more non-major courses than a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art
  • If you are interested in both art and science, a BA & BSc (Art) allows for two majors: one in art and one in the sciences
  • Combine your BA (Art) with a management degree from the Dhillon School of Business if your goal is to influence business operations in the cultural sector

As a BA (Art) student, you'll access co-operative education, international exchanges, independent and applied studies as well as volunteer opportunities. uLethbridge is the only university in Alberta to offer co-operative education to all majors in the university, at both the undergrad and graduate levels.

Exhibition Opportunities

Gain professional art gallery experience through exhibition and curatorial opportunities in the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, the Student Art Gallery, Penny Gallery, and in the broader Lethbridge arts community.

Internship Opportunities

Expand your experiences and gain new perspectives beyond the art gallery and classroom. Focus on areas such as exhibition organization and installation, collections management and public programming.

Create Sculpt Draw Produce: Art Studio at uLethbridge

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Art DepartmentDhillon School of Business Faculty of Education

Possible careers

  • Artist
  • Art Restoration
  • Art Therapist
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Museum Curator
  • Photographer
  • Arts Management
  • Fine Art Appraiser
  • Art Education
  • Art Consultant
  • Architect

Some of these careers require additional education. Students may also choose to continue their education at the MFA or Ph.D. level.

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Admission requirements


​For admission, Canadian high school students in Alberta must have completed five of the following courses with a minimum 65% average across them:

This course
  • English Language Arts 30-1
Three of these courses
  • Aboriginal Studies 30
  • Art 30 or Art 31
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Choral Music 30, General Music 30, or Instrumental Music 30
  • Dance 35
  • Drama 30
  • Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
  • Mathematics 31
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
  • Social Studies 30-1
  • Five credits in Advanced-level CTS Computer Science (CSE)
  • One or more distinct languages at the 30 level
One additional
  • That has not already been used
  • May be from the list above
  • Must be at the 30 level
  • Must be worth at least five credits (multiple courses worth a total of five or more credits can be used)
  • Cannot be a Special Project


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“Without artists, and the continual development of art, human life would be particularly uninteresting. As artists, it is our role in society to bring to light the important aspects of the world in order to invoke change” - Kyley Danielle Henderson

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Sample classes

Art Courses
Art History Courses
Museum Studies Courses
Management Courses

Additional information

4 Years (single degree)
5 Years (combined degree)

  • Digital fabrication lab
  • Digital media studio
  • Exhibition, installation & experimental spaces
  • Individual studios for senior students
  • Metal shop with foundry, forge and CNC plasma cutter
  • Modern woodshop, ceramic, plaster and textile studios
  • Painting and drawing studios
  • Printmaking studios with Boss Laser Engraver
  • Photography & camera obscura studio with full wet darkroom
  • University Art Gallery
  • Student Art Gallery, Penny Gallery in downtown Lethbridge
  • Data Physicalization Lab

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