What Would You Do?

What Would You do?

Open discussion is a key tool for setting your student up for success. We recognize that not all students consume alcohol and/or drigs, however preparing them to be aware of situations that may occur in their environment is important. 

Take a few minutes to read these scenarios out loud with your student and discuss what they should do in each situation.


Scenario #1 

Your roommate kept you awake all night because they had over consumed alcohol and were being loud throughout the night. What would you do?


Scenario #2

One of your friends is clearly intoxicated and is leaving the bar/party with someone they had just met that night. What would you do?


Scenario #3

You went out with a group of your friends and you notice your designated driver is consuming alcohol. What do you do?


Scenario #4

You don't normally drink but while at a party your crush hands you a drink and starts chatting. What do you do?


Scenario #5

Your roommate is super sick and throwing up like crazy in the bathroom. You know they've been drinking. What do you do?