According to a 2012 report, almost 90 percent of Canadian university students drink alcohol, while 32 percent reported drinking heavily at least once a month.

What is Binge Drinking? 

Five or more drinks for males, four or more drinks for females in one occasion is considered Binge Drinking.

Examples of binge drinking include;

  • Playing drinking games (which are NOT permitted on campus)
  • 'Pre-Drinking' or drinking prior to an event
  • Avoiding food prior to a night out to get drunk faster 
  • Simply drinking a lot of alcohol quickly to get drunk

It takes more than an hour for your body to process one standard drink of alcohol. This rate is constant, no matter how much you drink. The only way to get sober is to stop drinking, and to wait.

Canada's Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines


For more information on Canada's Low Risk Alcohol Drinking guidelines, click here.



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