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Meet a few ULethbridge students

Dominique Marcil finds success through liberal education

When Dominique Marcil was applying to post-secondary, she looked for a program that would give her an innovative and well-rounded education, and champion the values of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. She discovered …

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Ankit Mukherjee embraces campus lifestyle at ULethbridge

An international student, Ankit Mukherjee believed the best way to get to know his school and meet other students was to get involved on campus as much as possible. So far, his …

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Maleeka Thomas has a passion for student advocacy

Maleeka Thomas is grateful for the opportunities the University of Lethbridge community has provided her, and the fourth-year sociology student – the first international and Black student to serve as President of …

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Ni'tsitohkito'pi (Lone Rider), Andre Crop Eared Wolf is working to be a better educator

Ni'tsitohkito'pi (Lone Rider), Andre Crop Eared Wolf (BA '03, BEd '06), has returned to where his journey as an educator began, with a desire to continue learning and improve his practice.

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Josh McNeil strikes a winning balance between athletics and academics

From the baseball diamond to the chemistry lab, Josh McNeil is learning to keep a lot of balls in the air. The pitcher/catcher with the Prairie Baseball Academy and second-year science student says …

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Ty Dudas finds the formula for success in the lab

Ty Dudas, a third-year neuroscience student at the University of Lethbridge, has truly embraced the institution's liberal education philosophy. While majoring in neuroscience, Ty's curiosity led him to explore other fields, particularly organic …

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