Special Statement from Dr. Matthew G. Letts

The Faculty of Arts & Science stands with all those who seek a world free from the racism and related violence that plagues our world and our community. The recent murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police has horrified us all. It alerts us to the importance of providing institutional supports and acknowledgement for anti-colonial, BIPOC and solidarity movements that seek to end anti-Black racism and all intersectional forms of racist violence at the structural, institutional, and interpersonal levels. We know that it happens here too. As scholars, we acknowledge our accountability to each other and the broader community as people living in Blackfoot Confederacy territory and as people who benefit from and are harmed by ongoing settler-colonial practice and anti-Black racism. We acknowledge our responsibility to decolonize and facilitate racialized and Indigenous student success. We are here to support those who have been the targets of racist violence and anti-Black racism. We are committed to working with students, faculty, staff and partners who seek to end racism in all its forms. #BlackLivesMatter #MMIW #indigenouslivesmatter #ithappensheretoo -- Matthew G. Letts, Incoming Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science