Course Offerings - Spring 2024

Courses that may be of interest.  Note:  courses to be taught entirely in en français.

FREN2200A (CRN: 10551) - Culture and Civilization I

Instructor:  Dr. Beth Gerwin
MW 3:00 - 4:15 p.m.

We all have stereotypes about France and French culture: the baguette, the beret, complicated politics and wonderful food. But where do these stereotypes come from? Do they have any relevance in 2024? And what has the impact of this small and culturally-rich nation been on the rest of the world? Come and learn all about the modern reality of this country we all love to love!  Topics to be explored include: geography, cultural history, revolution, politics, education, language, la francophonie, immigration, BDs (bandes dessinées), leisure, the arts, media and film, and gastronomy.

Pre-requisite(s):  FREN2020/2001 or Français 30 or French Language Arts 30.

FREN3600A/FREN4600A (CRN: 10554) - Swiss francophone literature

Instructor:  Dr. Steven Urquhart
MW 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.

Did you know that French Enlightenment philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was actually Swiss?

While there are only 2 million French speakers in Switzerland, this small alpine country's francophone literature is alive and well. This survey course will introduce you to this multi-facetted and multilingual mountainous country, the French region of "Romandie", and some of its best French-speaking writers.

Prerequisite(s):  FREN2300 or FREN3100.