AKM Iftekhar Khalid | Student Testimonial

The University of Lethbridge is a wonderful university full of superb staff. This university will help you grow in North America.

AKM Iftekhar Khalid

M.A. English | Student from Bangladesh

Why did you choose the U of L?

I had successful communication with my masters supervisor.

Describe your experience at the U of L?

My experience with the University of Lethbridge is pretty good. My supervisor, Professor Daniel Paul O’Donnell supports me very much. All other teachers and non-academic staff are accessible and very friendly. Because of their supports, my journey with the U of L is excellent.

What do you enjoy the most about attending the U of L?

I enjoy the sessions with my supervisor, the sports facilities, the library and the natural environment of the university.

What one words or phrase would you use to describe the U of L?

A wonderful university.

What advice could you offer prospective students?

The University of Lethbridge is full of superb staff. This university will help you to grow in North America. I would advise prospective students to try this university for their future development.

Would you recommend the UofL to other students?

Yes! Whole heartedly.

How would you describe your experience in the greater Lethbridge community?

Lethbridge is a small town with a friendly and inclusive neighborhood. People greet you whether they know you or not. You will feel at home here.

What is the most noteworthy attribute of the city of Lethbridge?

There is less traffic here and it is quiet so you will easily reach your appointments in time.

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