Degrees Available

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science
  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Management


Fall & Spring



Program Description

Whether as activists, scholars or labourers, women have generated significant changes in society. Women & Gender Studies offer you the opportunity to learn how these changes were initiated and gives you the tools to actively participate in the creation of an inclusive society.

Using feminist theory and research methodologies, women & gender studies examine the historical and contemporary conditions of women and men in society. Our department draws on a vibrant community of scholars and activists both inside and outside the university to explore a wide range of issues.

As a student in this program, you will increase your knowledge of women’s lives, bodies, experiences, labour and scholarship. You’ll also explore feminism as an influential political and social global movement that has generated significant change in all aspects of daily life for men and women.

The department encourages all students to enroll in women and gender studies classes to discover enlightening perspectives applicable to your chosen field of study. By participating in these classes, you will develop an in-depth understanding of how current and historical events, ideas and institutions have been structured by gender, ethnicity, race, age, ability, class and sexuality.

Minors | Adding a minor to your degree is a great way to explore academic interests beyond your major. A minor is a set of courses comprising a secondary focus of interest generally not related to your major. A minor may be required or optional. 

Honours thesis | If your GPA is high enough in your fourth year, you can opt to complete an undergraduate thesis course. This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn an “Honours Thesis” designation on your degree.

Experience learning | Our students have a number of experiential learning opportunities available to them including co-operative educationinternational exchanges, independent and applied studies as well as volunteer opportunities. uLethbridge is the only university in Alberta to offer co-operative education to all majors in the arts & sciences, at both the undergrad and grad level. Transfer students can actually head out on their first work term before ever stepping foot on campus! For example, many transfer students have completed a summer work term before starting classes in September. ​

Skills acquired | By pursuing the major in women & gender studies you will not only broaden your understanding of the world, you will also develop strong critical, analytical and “big picture” thinking skills. Participating in this program will enhance your ability to conduct research and apply your knowledge and expertise across disciplines. Additionally, you will develop your written and oral communication skills, as well as expand your academic and scholarly expertise. All these abilities are transferable to virtually any industry or occupation and are highly sought after in the working world.


“My decision to return to uLethbridge as a mature student was motivated by the opportunity to learn about and discuss the issues that I am most passionate about in a supportive and encouraging environment. The WGST faculty are solely responsible for that environment. They are some of the most intelligent, inspiring, and caring educators and scholars that the University has to offer.” - Natasha, BA Women & Gender Studies

Possible Careers

Related Fields. There are numerous career options open to graduates of women & gender studies, such as:

  • Legal Studies
  • Human Resources
  • Career Development
  • International Development
  • Health Sciences/Promotion
  • Research
  • Social Work
  • Women’s Shelter Programming
  • Counseling & Psychology
  • Family Counseling
  • Children’s Advocacy Work
  • Anti-violence Lobbying
  • Anti-poverty Lobbying
  • Immigration
  • Multicultural Services
  • Family Services
  • Policy Analyst
  • Criminology & Justice Studies
  • Health Care
  • Non-Profit Agencies & NGO Administration

Professional Disciplines & Graduate Studies. Your undergraduate degree in women & gender studies provides an excellent foundation for law, management, education, cultural studies, social work, non-profit, non-government organizational work and any other occupation that demands critical thinking. The University of Lethbridge’s School of Graduate Studies offers graduate programs, at the master's and doctoral levels, spanning over 60 disciplines — so why not consider pursuing grad school right here in Lethbridge! Whether you choose to do your advanced studies at uLethbridge or another institution, know that your undergraduate degree has set you on the path to post-graduate success.

Quick Links:

Program Planning

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Sample Classes:

Courses and areas of interest within the major in women & gender studies include, but are not limited to:

  • Migration & Citizenship
  • Law, Gender & Sexuality
  • Violence, Poverty & the State
  • Women & Spirituality
  • Globalization & Social Justice
  • Feminist Theory & Research Methodologies
  • Critical Perspectives on Activism & Advocacy
  • Critical Race Theories
  • Women & Science
  • Indigenous Women & Settler Colonialism
  • Globalization & Development
  • Feminist Constitutionalism
  • Human Rights & Political Economies

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