uLethbridge Film Series

Sponsored by the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts & The Movie Mill

What is the uLethbridge Film Series?

The uLethbridge Film Series is dedicated to showcasing a selection of films that have contributed to our understanding of cinema’s achievements and signal directions for its future. Various scholars from the University of Lethbridge will introduce and screen their choices for films that advance the art form. Please join us twice a month at the Movie Mill as we explore together the parameters of various masterful cinematic accomplishments.

Individual tickets are $5 for students and $8 for the general public, and can be purchased at The Movie Mill: https://moviemill.com/

Mission Statement

The uLethbridge Film Series focuses on new possibilities and creative currents within the cinema, and provides a forum for the public to be exposed to and discuss cinema's historical developments. We aim to provide the Lethbridge community with an opportunity to enhance their appreciation and understanding of cinema as an art form via conversations with informed scholars and aficionados. Therefore, the Series is dedicated to presenting a vibrant glimpse of cinema's future, and agitates for the importance of understanding and appreciating its past.

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2021-2022 Schedule

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