Denton Fredrickson

Associate Professor


Sculpture, media art


Denton Fredrickson was born in Drayton Valley, Alberta in 1977. Before completing a multidisciplinary BFA in 2001, Denton worked as a welder for Kananaskis Provincial Park, received his Trade Certificate of Lutherie (traditional acoustic instrument design and construction) from the province of Saskatchewan, and completed his Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy/Religious Studies/Anthropology) from the University of Lethbridge and University of Pune, India. Fredrickson received his Masters of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Media Art) from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2003. His work has been exhibited across Canada, in the U.S., the Netherlands, France, and Japan.


Denton Fredrickson’s work invites experiential and contemplative interactions with sound, objects, and architectural space. The seductive lure of both old and new wonders, fantastic inventions, and absurd theories are familiar territories for Fredrickson. He has long been absorbed by their histories and representations in popular culture. His recent interest in intersecting traditional, material-based processes with electronics and digital fabrication has led him to explore open-ended narratives that awkwardly nestle speculative fiction within the psychology of the everyday.