Annie Martin

Annie Martin

Associate Professor


Drawing, painting


W828 |  403-382-7166

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Martin received her MFA in Art from Concordia University, Montreal, in 1994 and her BFA in 1989 from the same institution. Her works in installation, audio and video art and drawing have been exhibited widely in Canada, and also in Bulgaria, USA, and the UK. Since 2005, she has lived and worked in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Annie Martin's creative practice traverses installation, audio and video art, textiles, drawing and performative practices. Since 2004 she has conducted listening walks as a form of research and a contemplative performance practice. Annie’s research interests include considerations of the situated, embodied subject in art, inter-sensory aesthetics, feminism and anti-racist critiques, and questions of authorship and reading.

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art installation with lab coats hanging from walls
hanging art combining branches and yarn
circle of small speakers on the floor
various sensors and outputs attached to different locations in a room