Samantha Newton

Recipient of: 
  • Excellence in Art Studio Award
  • SAAG Award
  • Excellence in Printmaking Award


Image of Samantha Newton




Samantha Newton has an interest in the repetition and the body. Currently, her practice includes printmaking, textiles and photography. Born in Ottawa and raised in Calgary, Newton is a recent graduate of the University of Lethbridge undergraduate BFA-Art (Art Studio) program.

Congratulations to Samantha on also receiving the Faculty of Fine Arts Gold Medal! Read more about the 2022 Spring Convocation medal winners.



Artist Statement

My art practice encompasses print, drawing, textiles, spatial and performative explorations of gesture and repetition. Gesture and repetition both exist in the present, and practices like drawing and printmaking allow one to make and keep a record of this moment, a trace of the body’s existence in that moment. I am particularly interested in one’s endeavour for wholeness or perfection through the repetition of gesture and the pathos of failure in this struggle.


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