Serene Weasel Traveller

Advanced Studio


Serene Weasel Traveller, Untitled


My work incorporates my Blackfoot culture with my western worldview. I look for the balance between my two worlds of a Blackfoot woman from the Piikani Nation, and being a resident of Canada. I am integrating colonialism with my traditional culture, by combining the two different elements I am overplaying the notion of a cultural hybrid. My work is a celebration of the adaptation, survival, and strength of all indigenous people. I pay special homage to the traditional Blackfoot territory, the land that has shaped and sustained the Blackfoot people from time and immemorial, while using art as an opportunity to create an awareness to the mainstream population of the injustices that Indigenous communities must deal with constantly, such as MMIWG,  issues surrounding the Indian Act used by the federal government to rule and oversee every action of First Nation’s communities, and issues surrounding repatriation of sacred articles and family owned objects that continue to be held by museums and private collections the world over.