Meghan MacWhirter

Senior Studio


Megan MacWhirterh


I am a fifth-year art student practicing in ceramics, textiles, painting, and photography. Through my art practice, I explore issues pertaining to gender and class. Recently I have been interested in women’s work, specifically craft and domestic work, and how these modes of work, while extremely important, are often devalued within the art world and in the every day. Through my current work, I intend to question the underappreciation and marginalization of women, while elevating and celebrating different modes of work associated with women. Specifically, my current work is an exploration and celebration of women’s domestic work, and the importance of cooking done thanklessly by the women in our families and in our lives, which I intend to represent through ceramics. I have chosen ceramic as a medium because of its physicality, timelessness, and long-lasting qualities, similarly to the impact that women have had on each of our lives.