Laura Baker

Advanced Studio


Laura Baker


As an artist I have always been interested in developing my technical skill. I’ve been drawing with pencil and fine liner markers for most of my life and oil painting since 2009. Realism is something I have strived to perfect in my chosen mediums and my main focus has been on detail and portraying a literal likeness of my subject; as well as understanding the physical structure and materials that make up my subject. As an artist I work hard to develop works that exhibit beauty in observation, patience, and practice, and letting the subject speak for itself.

Currently I am working towards expanding my understanding of art and experimenting with new painting styles and methods, as well as use of collage. I am excited to learn new techniques and develop my appreciation for contemporary art further.




Cessation, 2020. Oil paint, paint thinner, pencil, thread on canvas. 40x26 inches

This painting uses a muted colour pallet to convey a sense of nostalgia or a memory. The subject matter was chosen as an attempt to be able to relate to most people who were raised in Western Canada, as most have been stopped by these lights at some point in their life. The images are drawn on in pencil in a sketch-like matter to represent the details of our memories that can’t quite be placed. The contract of the bold thread on the railroad crossing gate is meant to emphasize the jarring memories of having to stop and wait for the train to cross.

Homage to Philsie, 2020. Oil paint on canvas. 34x22 inches

This painting is of a dark barn in a dark and earie setting. An unknown deep yellow substance spewing from inside the barn. There is no given narrative, only what the viewer depicts for themselves.