Leah Evans

Recipient of the Gushul Studio Residency Prize


image of Leah Evans



Artist Statement
My work comes from an emotional state of being rooted in empathy and human interaction. Recently I have been focusing on representing childhood and memory. I use photo references in my art from old family albums as well as recollection to create my compositions. As someone with very vivid dreams I find lots of inspiration comes from them and they often influence the subject matter of my paintings. Through my art I am also attempting to deal with the human attitude towards our own mortality and the beauty behind the fleeting nature of our existence. I am interested in the little snapshots of life that are usually deemed insignificant. On occasion my work can also be used as an outlet for personal (often circumstantial) feelings, but, besides just this more directly personal work, my art always has an emotional connection to myself or those around me.



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