Jane O'Connor

Recipient of the RHE Sculpture Award


image of Jane O'Connor



Sculpture student Jane O’Connor graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Education combined degree. Unsatisfied that she never finished her art minor, and stressed from two years of teaching during the spread of COVID-19 she refocused her life on the things she is passionate about. This led her to enroll in open studies to take another sculpture class and further her artist development. Mostly working with clay she explores our urge to smash, touch, play or just generally interact with art. Especially that which is not to be touched.



All images are from her interactive sculpture piece titled, Breakable. The components are slip cast and handmade ceramic pieces, on porcelain wheels in a room with a series of playground and skatepark materials such as ramps and slides. Each picture has been taken at different times to highlight the progression of the work.


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