The Fiver Group and Circle Circle w/ Deirdre Earl

Recipient of: 
  • Student's Union Award
  • David Lanier Memorial Award


Image of Deirdre Earl with dog



Artist Statement

During 2021-22 Artist Deirdre Earl joined The Fiver Group and Circle Circle, two art groups that work in collaboration acting in a liminal space allowing for the expansive growth of artists and exploration within a group setting. These groups explore past/present movements, artist collectives, and philosophies working in the same mindset as an act of resistance, activism, in opposition to the commodification of the artist and the artist's work. These groups see this resistance as a way to strengthen community and a new adventure in creating art allowing for artists to flourish together. The groups see competitive natures occurring in individualism that can create top down hierarchical mentalities, limiting possibilities between artists and art. This mentality is what these groups seek to dismantle.

The group's influences are artists/art groups such as Allan Sekulla, Otolith Group, Fluxus, The Play, Matsuzawa Yutaka, Situationist International, and Don Gill to name a few.



These 2 pieces are a process of layering and connection, which is the essence of the pieces, and also creations during a time when the ideas and themes presented were universally relevant to the current moment in which they are situated.


Sun Dogs

The Fiver Group and Circle Circle, Sun Dogs, video art, 2021.


Ghost Dogs By The Fiver Group

The Fiver Group, Ghost Dogs, video art, 2020.