Bachelor of Management as a Second Degree

Already have an undergraduate degree? The Dhillon School of Business can help you earn a second degree to broaden your knowledge or change your career direction.

This is an individualized program of 15 to 25 courses. As a full-time student, you can complete the program in 1.5 - 2.5 years, and you may be able to accelerate your program by attending summer sessions. Students have up to 10 years to complete the degree.

Admission Requirements

The Dhillon School of Business reserves the right of selection of all applicants for admission and readmission based on admission average. Courses considered for Dhillon School of Business transfer credit or approved diplomas completed at an accredited post-secondary institution, must have been completed not more than 8 years prior to admission to the Dhillon School of Business.

The Bachelor of Management (B.Mgt.) as a Second Degree Program is available to applicants who have completed an approved undergraduate degree in a field other than Management or an equivalent. An approved degree is a baccalaureate degree requiring a minimum of 30 courses (90.0 credit hours), or its academic equivalent, from a recognized degree-granting institution.

Applicants are not eligible to pursue a second degree which is similar to one already completed at a recognized institution. Generally, degrees with identical or closely related majors are considered to be similar.

International applicants who possess a management-related degree from a recognized institution will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis and are not admissible without the prior approval of the Dhillon School of Business. The decision of the School will be final.

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A major is a specific set of courses you specialize in within a degree. For a Bachelor of Management as a Second Degree program, a major must be selected at the time of application to the University.

The Dhillon School of Business offers the following second degree Bachelor of Management majors:

Accounting Program planning guide
Computer Science* Program planning guide
Economics* Program planning guide
Finance Program planning guide
General Management Program planning guide
Human Resource Management and Labour Relations Program planning guide
Indigenous Governance and Business Management* Program planning guide
International Management* Program planning guide
Marketing Program planning guide
Political Science* Program planning guide

*Lethbridge campus only


Once you have chosen your major, consider the option of working toward a secondary area of focus. A minor will let you explore more than one academic interest, enhance your resume and will be recognized on your transcript.