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At the Dhillon School of Business, our aim is to become recognized as one of the most innovative and leading edge business schools in Canada. We want to be renowned for our tradition of providing cutting-edge, industry-focused programs and disciplinary depth, while also developing the transformational learning opportunities and socially relevant research that help make the world a better place through socially responsible and ethical enterprise.

We have inspired, thoughtful and energetic students who are discovering their purpose, and in doing so, helping us reach our ambitions of excellence. We also need your support to achieve this goal.

Every donation you give to the University of Lethbridge helps us improve and support exceptional educational experiences and develop groundbreaking research—allowing us to shape and educate the future leaders of our city, province, country and the world.


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Interested in giving to or financially partnering with the Dhillon School of Business? Please contact Jess Fehr. 

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Jess Fehr

Dhillon School of Business Development Officer

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Scholarship Fundraising Dinner

Each year the Dhillon School of Business and its advisory board acknowledge the contributions of an outstanding member of our community through the Scholarship Fundraising Dinner. Donations raised by the dinner then establish a scholarship fund in the name of the honouree. Proceeds from this fund are used to provide deserving students with financial support that will assist them in attaining their educational goals. To date, more than $1.5 million has been raised for student scholarships because of this event.

Past Honourees

  • 2017- Leroy Little Bear and Amethyst First Rider
  • 2016 - Marvin and Chloe Galts
  • 2015 - Mr. Dennis Neufeldt
  • 2014 - Mr. John Davis
  • 2013 - Mr. Cor Van Raay
  • 2012 - Mr. Del Allen
  • 2011 - Mr. Clint Dunford
  • 2010 - Mr. R. Philip M. North, QC
  • 2009 - Dr. Yoshio and Mrs. Florence Senda
  • 2008 - Dr. Van and Mrs. Helen Christou
  • 2007 - Dr. Raymond and Dr. Ingrid Speaker
  • 2006 - Mr. Robin Hood
  • 2005 - Mr. Art Batty
  • 2004 - Mr. Gary Kirk
  • 2003 - Mr. Logan Tait
  • 2002 - Mr. Richard Davidson
  • 2001 - Mr. Ron Sakamoto
  • 2000 - Mr. Val and Mrs. Flora Matteotti
  • 1999 - Mr. Bruce Milliken
  • 1998 - Mr. George Davies
  • 1997 - Senator Joyce Fairbairn
  • 1996 - Mr. R.C. (Cleve) Hill
  • 1995 - Mr. Rex and Mrs. Marjorie Little
  • 1994 - Mr. Dale Martin Sr.
  • 1993 - Mr. Reed & Mrs. Eva Ellison
  • 1992 - Mr. John Williams
  • 1991 - Mr. Leonard Haney
  • 1990 - Mr. Andy Anderson
  • 1989 - Mr. Stubb Ross
  • 1988 - Mr. David Hughes