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Alumni and community

Whether you're alumni from the Dhillon School of Business or an industry or community member wanting to get involved, our partnerships are exceptionally important to us. Browse our options for getting involved, and if you're still craving a connection that's not listed, get in touch with us by emailing

Alumni opportunities

Nothing makes us more proud then seeing the accomplishments of our alumni and how far their degrees take them. As a graduate of the University of Lethbridge, you’re part of a 12,000-person global network that includes business leaders in Lethbridge, Calgary and across the world.

Leverage the energy of this engaged group and continue your post-graduation momentum by participating in Dhillon School of Business initiatives, including attending events and presentations, guest speaking, coaching or judging CASE competitions, or becoming an advisory board member.

We're also proud to say that many of our alumni contribute to our history of excellence by hiring fellow uLethbridge students and graduates. Learn more about career opportunities for both alumni and employers by visiting My Experience.

Alumni contact

If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more about how you can contribute as an alumni, please fill our alumni contact form and we'd be happy to start a conversation.

Community partnership opportunities

Hire a Co-op student

As an employer, you can recruit bright, ambitious students who are proactively invested in preparing for their career. Whether you want to evaluate potential future employees or would like assistance on projects or short-term coverage, co-op students can be an integral component within your organization’s recruitment strategies.

The employer’s role and expectations of a co-op student should not differ from that of any other work arrangement. In order to ensure the success of the experience, we also ask that a supervisor assist the student with a work-term learning plan (learning objectives) at the beginning of the work term, participate in an on-site visit and complete a performance evaluation at the end—all of which require only a modest time investment. We also ask that you provide a safe, relevant and challenging work environment.

A meaningful co-op placement is one that complements the student's education and broadens their skills. The primary objective is to provide students with a planned, supervised work experience that will enhance their academic learning.

To learn more and to register as an employer, please visit the Career Bridge.

Get funding for a co-op student with RBC Family and Small Business Funding

Receive up to $1000/month to hire a Dhillon Co-op Student in your organization, learn more and apply here.

Cor Van Raay Case Competition sponsorship/partnership

The Cor Van Raay Case Competition is an agribusiness focused challenge which allow students to put all the agribusiness theories and skills they've learned to the test in a practical way. Teams of students are given real-life business problems to analyze and find solutions for, over a set period of time. They then present those solutions to a panel of judges including industry professionals, showcasing their business knowledge. As an industry partner or sponsor, case competitions allow you to network with future agribusiness leaders and be exposed to innovative, fresh business ideas.

If you would like to be part of this unique event to promote agribusiness in Southern Alberta, please review our sponsorship package.

Host employer for work-study program in Budapest, Hungary

Through a six-week practicum in Budapest, student interns receive first-hand international experience working for either a multinational or local Hungarian company or organization.

The students work various projects according to the needs of the organization to which they are assigned. Student interns are unpaid volunteers for their company or organization. Work terms are academically rigorous, full-time work that provides both the student and the organization with a useful, meaningful work product within the six-week term.

Students in this program are upper-level undergraduate students with strong academic credentials. They are chosen from a list of qualified applicants and have the background and experience to provide the organization with meaningful work.

We have run a successful program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 1998, and have approximately 14-20 students participate in the program/course each year. Participating companies have been very pleased with the work of our students and continue to participate annually; some have been involved in the program since its beginning.

If you would like to become involved as an employee with the Hungary work-study program, please contact program organizer, Gizelle Tiponut.