The combined Bachelor of Fine Arts - New Media/Bachelor of Management (B.F.A./B.Mgt.) degree program is one of very few degree programs in Canada to blend new media and management. The combined degree expands your options and bridges the gap between the fine arts and management disciplines, which will give you a competitive advantage and prepare you to use new media to maximum effect within an organization, or provide strong knowledge about how to manage innovation and entrepreneurship.

This option, with limited seats in Fine Arts, combines new media, film and video production, art, drama and music with organizational behavior, informational technology, accounting, marketing, management policy and human resources management.

You will have a firm foundation for careers that combines interactive technology and management, such as: entrepreneur, new media company manager, public relations specialist, media and marketing researcher and corporate communications specialist.

Please note this combined degree is only offered on the Lethbridge campus. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants may be admitted to the B.F.A. - New Media/B.Mgt. when they are admitted to the University. Enrolment in both the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Dhillon School of Business is limited and fulfillment of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Applications are accepted for the B.F.A. - New Media/B.Mgt. program for the fall term only.   Applicants should consult Admission for general admission requirements, policies and deadlines.

In addition to the general admission requirements, all applicants to the B.F.A. - New Media/B.Mgt. must satisfy the following requirements:

1.Satisfactorily complete the following Alberta high school math course, University of Lethbridge’s Mathematics 0500, or equivalent.

Major Additional Admission Requirement

Quantitative Majors: Accounting, Economics, Finance

Mathematics 30-1

Non-Quantitative Majors: All other Management majors

One of:
Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2

2.Applicants are selected for admission to this competitive program based on academic proficiency, as demonstrated by grade achievement.

3.Time Limit for Retention of Course Credit

Students may receive transfer credit for both Dhillon School of Business and non-Dhillon School of Business courses. Dhillon School of Business courses must have been completed at a recognized post-secondary institution not more than eight years prior to admission to the Dhillon School of Business.  The Dhillon School of Business will consider requests, on a case-by-case basis, to extend this time limit for applicants with recent work experience in the field.


The following majors are available in this program:

B.F.A. - New Media/B.Mgt. - General Management ​​Program planning guide

Students who choose to complete a major other than General Management for the B.Mgt. portion of the degree may be required to extend their program beyond 50 courses. Please meet with an advisor to determine major requirements for other than the General Management major.


Once you have chosen your major, consider the option of working toward a secondary area of focus. A minor will enhance your resume and be recognized on your transcript.

International Students

Please see additional information for international students.