Active and ongoing research

We are very pleased to share the inaugural edition of Celebrating our Research, 2019 in Review, the first issue of the Dhillon School of Business Research Newsletter. This newsletter highlights some of the interesting and influential work being done by our faculty members.

Celebrating Our Research: 2019 in Review

Celebrating Our Research, 2019 in Review


Intellectual Contributions Highlights

The Dhillon School of Business is committed to active and ongoing research that contributes to both the depth and breadth of knowledge in business. Our research delves into the outcomes and implications of decisions, whether related to the management of land and communities, employees, health care, agricultural practices, imports, exports, financial systems or the food supply.

Dhillon School of Business faculty members focus on their disciplines through collaborative and high-quality research efforts with colleagues and other institutions throughout the world. During the past five years, faculty members have produced over 450 refereed scholarly contributions and have been cited more than 15,000 times by academic scholars and practitioners.

If you'd like see research conducted by University of Lethbridge faculty, please see the University of Lethbridge Experts Database.

In addition, the school has established centres dedicated to the support of research in specific areas:

Student Research

If you are interested in pursuing research as a student, our Master of Science in Management degree is a proven alternative to the traditional MBA, and focuses on building competencies in research. This intensive program provides students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to conduct rigorous and scholarly research into a business or management issue in the discipline of accounting, finance, human resources and labour relations, information systems, international management, marketing, or policy and strategy.