Available Services on Convocation Day

Graduation Photographs

For a limited time during the fall and spring terms, the Students' Union provides photo services on campus. A variety of pose and package options are available and full regalia is provided. Contact the Students' Union for more information.

There are also two opportunities for professional photographs on convocation day:

  • During the conferral process, a professional photograph sponsored by the Alumni Association will be taken of you shaking hands with the chancellor. View and order these photographs online.
  • There will also be a professional sit-down photo service immediately after your ceremony outside of the gymnasium on level 2 of the 1st Choice Savings Centre. You will be able to view the proofs electronically and make your selections. No appointments are necessary as it operates on a first-come first-served basis.
Alumni Association

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association will be on site for sales of parchment frames, the official uLethbridge Fiat Lux Ring and other alumni memorabilia.

The Fiat Lux Ring is the official ring of the uLethbridge and is only available to alumni of the University. Cast in sterling silver, the Fiat Lux Ring embodies the memories, traditions and pride that tie uLethbridge alumni together.

The University's iconic emblem, the sun, is emblazoned on the band and is bordered by our motto, Fiat Lux - Let there be light. Each ring is individually engraved with a number in the inside of the ring that will be permanently assigned to you.

Parchments can be framed in one of five high quality, Canadian-made frames, each with an acid-free mat featuring the uLethbridge shield. Proceeds support the ongoing activities and services of the Alumni Association.


The uLethbridge Bookstore will be onsite at convocation ceremonies. Make your memories last with a great selection of uLethbridge memorabilia and swag. Grad ring specialists will be available to help personalize a ring unique to your uLethbridge experience.


Fresh flowers will be available for purchase in the foyer of the 1st Choice Savings Centre at the convocation ceremonies. Flowers can be presented to the graduates after the ceremony as they cannot be taken onto the platform during the ceremony.

You can also purchase and reserve your flowers ahead of time and have them available for pick up on convocation day. Visit the Convocation Flowers website at convocationflowers.ca/ulethbridge