Monthly Report #1 - Learning Reflection

This first assignment in your Applied Studies can be used to help you reflect upon your past experiences and help to build your course.

Related Courses and Experiences 


Identify 3 to 6 courses that are related to your Applied Studies course (the work placement or the academic project)

Course Title and Number:  
How does it relate?  

Experiences (Paid or Volunteer)

Identify 1 to 3 experiences that are related to your Applied Studies course

Position Title:  
Brief Description:   

Learning Objectives

In this section, you will design your individualized Learning Objectives. They are key to helping you set your priorities, manage your time, track your development, and measure your success. They can be practical or academic/theoretical, should tie back to your work placement and/or academic paper/project, and be demonstrative of the discipline of your course. 

Develop 3-4 objectives comprising of what you will learn and list 1-3 examples of how you will learn it.


  • Be specific and use measures where possible.
  • Consider the idea of “application” in your objectives.  Does the theory you learned in the classroom apply in this work experience?
Learning Objective  
How you will learn it  
Comprehensive Objective
Learning Objective To increase my understanding of social inequality in Canada
How you will learn it
  • By conducting a literature review including academic and media sources.
  • Through observation at the local food bank and consultation with the Program Director.


Skill-Based Objective 
Learning Objective Learn how to debug code
How you will learn it
  • Investigate online resources for compiling code.
  • Utilize tools to determine the origin of bugs.


Creative Objective
Learning Objective Learn how to tell stories in the oral tradition
How you will learn it
  • By participating in training sessions with the Public Library.
  • Through practice with my peers.


Personal Objective
Learning Objective Develop my verbal communication skills
How you will learn it
  • Develop a script for telephone cold-calling.
  • By actively participating and contributing to team meetings.

Additional Workplace Supervisors (Optional)

List names of those individuals who are supervising you and/or have consented to act as an advisor to you during this experience.

Name and Position Title:  
What is their role in your course?  


In approximately 300 words, reflect on the progress you have made towards your learning objectives and discuss the value of your work experience(s) and the value to your professional and academic development.


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Learning Reflection