Undergraduate Health Sciences Programs in Calgary

Post-Diploma or Second Degree Bachelor of Health Sciences-Public Health Major Degree (BHSc-PUBH)

Major Description: At its core, the discipline of Public Health focuses on the academic theory behind the social determinants of health & health inequalities and understanding how this knowledge can be applied towards developing interventions which seek to prevent disease/injury and promote health-protecting behaviors at the population-level through non-clinical deliverables, such as (but not limited to): Educational materials, messaging, and/or programs; Social marketing campaigns; and Policy reform advocacy, among others.

The Calgary Campus' own iteration of the Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc)-Public Health (PUBH) major degree is a condensed, NON-CLINICAL, 20 course-long (minimum), undergraduate program designed to provide those who already possess one of either

  1. A 2-year college diploma in a health or human services-related field; OR
  2. A recognized academic Bachelors degree or graduate degree in any discipline, at the time of application to uLethbridge

with the opportunity to ladder their previous education via "block transfer" into our PUBH baccalaureate – essentially commencing their uLethbridge program at “Year 3” rather than at “Year 1”. See the Admission Requirements tab below.

Under normal circumstances, all academic courses that are built into the Calgary Campus' BHSc-PUBH degree programs will be delivered through the blended-learning model (combination of online + face-to-face components).

  • The delivery modalities and proportion of F2F vs. OL lectures for individual courses however, may vary between semesters (e.g. a course that was fully online or partially blended in one term may be fully face-to-face in a future term, and vice versa)

All successfully admitted BHSc-PUBH (any campus or admission route) will be given up to a maxiumum of 7 years to graduate from their program, following their first semester of study.

*Note: All post-diploma or second degree BHSc-PUBH students - any campus - will be eventually provided with their own customized and Advisor-audited programs AFTER applying AND being successfully admitted, which will be contingent on the former's prior education coming into uLethbridge (i.e. not all students will be deemed to complete the exact same number or kinds of courses as each other due to the varying differences between individual backgrounds). Individual course waivers/duplicates and substitutions may be implemented where merited - not guaranteed - depending on if the student has previously completed substantially similar/transferably equivalent courses at other institutions beforehand.

1-of-2 possible admission routes, only

Confirmed route will be determined by Admissions with respect to the applicant's highest educational credential achieved at the time of application:

  1. Post-Diploma Admission Route: A completed 2-year (at least 60.0 credits in duration) college diploma in a health or human services-related area, or equivalent, with a minimum cumulative diploma GPA of no lower than a 3.00 (on a 4.0 scale)
    • List of pre-approved diplomas for BHSc-Public Health degree laddering
    • Applicants with diploma GPAs below 3.00 but not less than 2.00, plus extensive practical experience in the field, will be considered for post-diploma admission on a case-by-case basis. The submission of a resume will be required, when prompted by the applicant's assigned Admissions Specialist.
    • Applicants who possess a diploma that is either too old or is not on the above list, will be assessed for post-diploma consideration by the Faculty of Health Sciences on a case-by-case basis
  2. Second Degree Admission Route: One of a completed 3 or 4-year Bachelors degree (at least 90.0 credits in duration), a graduate degree (Masters or PhD), or their recognized equivalents in any area, with a minimum CGPA of no lower than a 2.00 (on a 4.0 scale)
    • Prior degree cannot be an Applied, Technology, or Trade Skills Degree as they are considered to be comparably similar to a college diploma.
      • Such applicants might not be automatically considered for the post-diploma BHSc-PUBH program admittance as the decision to do so will need to be made at the discretion of the Faculty of Health Sciences

**(Non-Negotiable) English Language Requirements - mandatory for all applicants, irrespective of indivdual program, campus, country of origin, educational history, or current residency status.

  1. General English Language Proficiency (ELP) for Undergraduate Students
  2. Additional Spoken English Language Proficiency (SELP) Requirement - Unique to applicants seeking admission into an undergraduate credential program conferred by uLethbridge's Faculty of Health Sciences (e.g. Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor Nursing, and Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation)

*Note: Due to the condensed nature of the Calgary Campus' BHSc-PUBH degree, applicants who do not sufficiently satisfy either of the above post-diploma or second degree admission route requirements may instead be considered for admission into uLethbridge's standard 40-course BHSc-PUBH degree, which is a Lethbridge Campus-exclusive program. Such students will be eventually required to complete part of their program through the Lethbridge Campus as the Calgary Campus unfortunately does not guarantee or offer many of the core or major electives courses required for the 40-course degree iteration.

For Calgary Campus-bound Undergrads

Fall Intake

(Sept start)

Spring Intake

(Jan start)

Summer Intake

(May start)

Off-shore International Students & Visa Holders June 15 September 15 N/A
Domestic Students (Cdn Citizens & Permanent Residents) August 1 December 1 N/A

*All intake-specific application periods will close at 11:59pm (MST) on the deadline date indicated above.

*Undergraduate program application periods for subsequent intake terms, will normally open via ApplyAlberta by no earlier than one year in advance.

  • Examples:
    • Fall 2021 intake = applications first opened on Sept 1, 2020
    • Spring 2021 intake = applications first opened on Jan 15, 2020

*Deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the uLethbridge Registrar's Office (not always guaranteed)


  • The above non-refundable and non-negotiable charge will be applicable to ALL applicants - new, returning, domestic, and international
  • According to university policy, the undergraduate application fee will not be waived for any future student, under any circumstances
  • Please contact the uLethbridge Admissions & Transfer unit (admissions@uleth.ca) for alternate ways to pay if you are unable to pay via credit card

TUITION FEES: Undergraduate tuition (any program, major, admission route, and campus), will always be assessed in direct proportion to the number of courses that the admitted student registers themselves in, per semester - never on whole programs as fees can always be subject to annual change, as authorized by the uLethbridge Board of Governors.

*All students are to be mindful of and personally responsible for any additional, non-compulsory costs which may be incurred by them upon their successful admittance into any University of Lethbridge program or campus (e.g. textbooks/course materials, personal expenses, transportation, living accommodations, etc.)

TEXTBOOK FEES: It is also recommended for students to anticipate budgeting an additional ~$125 CAD or so, PER COURSE for textbooks, as these costs are to be factored in on-top of tuition (I.e. textbooks are technically an extra expense to the student)

  • Some books might cost more, some might cost less, some courses might use multiple textbooks, while some courses might use no textbook at all
  • Textbook prices are determined by the respective publishing house of a given title, while the overarching use of and quantity of textbooks needed for class learning purposes is determined by the individual uLethbridge course instructor

Successfully admitted BHSc-PUBH students (any campus or admission route) are provided with the opportunity to pursue the Faculty of Health Science's Practicum in Public Health (PUBH 4550) course - worth 15.0 credit hours and is to be completed in addition to the student's base coursework - during their final year of study (but BEFORE applying to graduate from the university) as a means of gaining direct, hands-on work experience within the public health field while they are actively pursuing their degree.

At this time, PUBH 4550 is 100% OPTIONAL, meaning that any BHSc-PUBH student can still fully graduate from their degree without electing to complete a the practicum.

In order to be considered for PUBH 4550, all interested students are responsible for ensuring that the following conditions are met prior to submitting a practicum application to the Faculty of Health Sciences:

  1. All calendar-mandated pre-requisites have been sufficiently achieved (i.e. minimum cumulative GPA + specific courses)
  2. The Internship Specialist is emailed by no later than 6-months in advance of the desired semester of placement for intake consideration:
    • March 1 or earlier, for a Fall (Sept-Dec) term placement
    • June 1 or earlier, for a Spring (Jan-Apr) term placement
    • November 1 or earlier, for a Summer (May-Aug) term placement
    • *Students desiring an international practicum are to email the Internship Specialist by no later than 12-months in advance

Further detailed information about PUBH 4550 (e.g. candidate shortlisting, pre-placement requirements, roles & responsibilities, student testimonies etc.) can be viewed in the below weblinks:

All successfully admitted undergraduate and graduate program students (domestic and international) are provided with the opportunity to apply into the university’s Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Program (“Co-op” for short) as a way to supplement their studies and enhance the value of their program and potential employment prospects upon graduation. Co-op job positions will usually consist of full-time paid work experience and will be typically related to the student’s respective area of study/major.

At this time, Co-op Work Terms are not built directly into any given uLethbridge credential program’s curriculum and are also not required for graduation purposes, at this time – that is, they are 100% OPTIONAL, meaning that a student can fully graduate from their respective uLethbridge credential program without pursuing a Co-op.

Admission into Co-op will entail its own separate application process to which individual students can elect to apply for at any time during their studies (even during one's first year) so long as it is accomplished before formally applying to graduate from the university during their last term of study.

Questions? Contact the uLethbridge Career Bridge office at career.bridge@uleth.ca

Students may elect to declare up to a maximum of two (optional) minors within a single undergraduate-level certificate or Bachelors degree program, either at the time of application or added at any point during one's studies prior to graduation.

Minors are defined as a set of 6 distinct courses (18.0 credits), per minor, which are to be completed on-top of the student's base coursework in their primary program and ultimately aim to provide learners with a fundamental depth of knowledge in a particular sub-discipline (which do not necessarily have to be related to one's major or program faculty). Upon the successful completion of all calendar-mandated course requirements, the student's chosen minor(s) will be denoted on their official uLethbridge transcript.

While there are 47 possible undergraduate minors to select from with uLethbridge, the Calgary Campus however can only guarantee completion for the following 6 at this time, due to our small size:

  1. Accounting
  2. Health Leadership - Cannot be declared by Calgary-based BHSc-PUBH students due to the significant amount of duplication/overlap in curricula between minor and degree
  3. International Management - Will entail completion of at least one, full-term/4-month outbound international exchange
  4. Marketing
  5. Mental Health - Cannot be declared by Calgary-based BHSc-PUBH students due a significant amount of the minor's associated courses being normally delivered in-person at the Lethbridge Campus
  6. Population Health - Cannot be declared by Calgary-based BHSc-PUBH students due to the significant amount of duplication/overlap in curricula between minor and degree

Consult the current undergraduate Academic Calendar ("Minors" section) to determine which exact courses are to be completed in order to satisfy the curriculum requirements for specific minors. Minor course requirements can be subject to change with every new calendar year. uLethbridge's 41 other declarable undergraduate minors, as listed in the Calendar, are exclusive to the Lethbridge Campus, at this time

*IMPORTANT: No undergraduate minor can be fully completed in one single semester as not all associated courses are offered every term. In addition, many minors will entail courses with pre-requisite conditions, which means that said courses will need to be be completed in a certain sequential order due to their progressive knowledge-building/laddering structures.

Please visit this link for some example career titles, acquired skills, and possible work settings which may be in store for you as a future PUBH graduate.


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