Our Faculty & Their Research

WGST Department 2017

Our faculty’s research is diverse and inter-disciplinary yet has common themes, most notably interrogating issues of power exercised by nation-states embedded within complex transnational relationships. Whether our research is conducted locally, nationally or globally, by ourselves on individual projects that are small scale, or in partnership with national and transnational partners, we consistently disseminate our work through networks of feminist and allied scholars, and build strong working relationships across disciplines.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Gender and Global Migration
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Critical Race & Sexualities in Law & Culture
  • Marriage & Kinship
  • Feminist Constitutionalism
  • Human Rights & Political Economies
  • Indigenous Women & Settler Colonialism
  • Women & Spirituality

As a department, we:

  • Mentor undergraduate and graduate students involved with our research
  • Collaborate with research institutes such as the Centre for Oral History & Tradition, the Institute for Child & Youth Studies, and the Prentice Institute
  • Connect with various local community organizations such as the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, the Galt Museum & Archives, OutReach Southern Alberta, the Kainai Public Library, Immigrant and Family Services Lethbridge, among others.