Meet our Faculty & Staff

Our faculty’s research is diverse and inter-disciplinary yet has common themes, most notably interrogating issues of power exercised by nation-states embedded within complex transnational relationships. Whether our research is conducted locally, nationally or globally, by ourselves on individual projects that are small scale, or in partnership with national and transnational partners, we consistently disseminate our work through networks of feminist and allied scholars, and build strong working relationships across disciplines.

The Department of Women & Gender Studies is home to world class experts. With their guidance, students recieve a first class education. Learn more about these talented educators and researchers, and our staff, below:

Glenda Bonifacio

Office: C882 (University Hall)
(403) 380-1897

Caroline Hodes

Chair & Faculty
Office: C886 (University Hall)
(403) 329-2684

Suzanne Lenon

Suzanne Lenon

Office: B854 (University Hall)
(403) 380-1876

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Office: B886 (University Hall)
(403) 380-1818

Lisa Worsey

Assistant to the Chair
Office: C866 (University Hall)
(403) 332-4106