Mary Siever | Women & Gender Studies

Mary Siever


“Work hard and seek help and support. Challenge yourself but remember to balance your life. Learn the resources and supports available and don’t forget to use them when needed. Academic Advising is very helpful!”

Favourite Class: There are several. Jane Austen, Advanced Feminist Research, and Marriage & Citizenship
Favourite Social Activity: Meeting with my fellow classmates for a visit
Favourite Study Spot: A quiet spot by the recital hall

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I have found the learning enlightening and engaging
  • I’ve met many wonderful individuals who have helped me achieve my goals
  • Several professors have made a huge difference. Specifically: Jo-Anne Fiske, Suzanne Lenon, Heather Ladd, Wendy Faith-Usher, Carol Williams, Francine Young, Glenda Bonifacio, Caroline Hodes, Maureen Hawkins
  • My family have been my greatest support and encouragement
  • I have discovered new passions (such as a love for social science research)