Kristen Krein | Women & Gender Studies

Kristin Krein


“Get involved with local clubs, meet your faculty and explore campus, challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone!”

Favourite Class: Feminist Theory
Favourite Social Activity: Volunteering at the Campus Women’s Centre
Favourite Study Spot: With friends at a local coffee shop

My uLethbridge experience:

  • The campus has really been a unique experience, I have grown so much through my feminist degree
  • I am enjoying curating my education with Independent and Applied Studies classes — very exciting! 
  • Volunteering has been a positive force in my education process and I highly recommend getting involved
  • The Women & Gender Studies faculty members have gone above and beyond in supporting my education — I hope everyone gets a chance to take at least WGST 1000! 
  • I have met so many talented, empowering friends on campus