Jasmine Saler | MA Cultural, Social & Political Thought

Jasmine Saler


“Be adventurous and make sure to explore all the possibilities of who you could be by taking classes that intrigue you, joining clubs to meet like-minded people and/or volunteering with a group whose work sparks you.”

Favourite Class: Queering Gender, Feminism and Power
Favourite Social Activity: Grabbing a tea with a friend between classes
Favourite Study Spot: At home, with my puppy on my lap

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Studying in the Philippines for a month with Dr. Glenda Bonifacio on a Women & Gender Studies field course
  • Attending the Music at Noon series as a study break
  • Creating lasting connections with professors because of small class sizes
  • Volunteering with the Campus Women’s Centre
  • Going out to social dances hosted by the Swing Bridge Dance Club