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Using feminist theory and research methodologies, women and gender studies examine the historical and contemporary conditions of our society.

Whether as activists, scholars or labourers, women have generated significant changes in society. Women and Gender Studies offer you the opportunity to learn how these changes were initiated and gives you the tools to actively participate in the creation of a more just society. As a student in this program, you will broaden your knowledge of women’s lives, bodies, experiences, labour and scholarship. You’ll also explore feminism as an influential political and social global movement that has generated significant change in all aspects of daily life for everyone. Our department draws on a vibrant community of scholars and activists both inside and outside the university to explore a wide range of issues.

Department Highlights

Suzanne Lenon

University of Lethbridge names Dr. Suzanne Lenon the 2021 Board of Governors Teaching Chair

Helping her students develop critical thinking skills by encouraging them to be curious about the world around them, Dr. Suzanne Lenon has been named the University of Lethbridge 2021 Board of Governors Teaching Chair (BOGTC).

Lenon teaches a wide range of undergraduate courses in the Department of Women & Gender Studies and she continually explores ways to bridge theory and practice in the design of her courses. This thoughtfulness has led to creative courses that students have said gave them a new way of looking at the world and helped them understand how the theories they learned in the classroom play out in everyday life.

We Visit with Kainaiwa Beadwork: A New Way and the Real Way of Design

Exibit organizers Hali Heavy Shield, Kalli Eagle Speaker and Carol Williams speak about the special meanings and connection of traditional Kainai and Niitsitapi beadwork pieces and designs as they introduce the newest exhibit at the Galt Museum & Archives.

HistoriCity Award Winner - 2021

The Department of Women and Gender Studies is pleased to announce the HistoriCity Award 1st place winner for 2021 is Kalli Eagle Speaker for her essay Kainaiwa Beadwork Research Paper.  Congratulations to Kalli!  

Kalli's paper will be published in the Lethbridge Historical Society newsletter upcoming.

Kalli Eagle Speaker (BASc ‘21) embraces cultural ways of knowing and beads her way into a research project and award recognition

"What might seem like just a needle picking up beads is so much more. There is a plethora of information that follows with it." Kalli Eagle Speaker (BASc ‘21) will be receiving her Bachelor …

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Liam Devitt (BA ‘21) graduates this year with a legacy of queer activism and oral history experience

"Think about what you can do to improve the lives of those around you and seek transformative change." Liam Devitt (BA ‘21) (they/them) is graduating this year with honours, a major in history …

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Blair Palmer Yoxall (BA '18) Bleeds Ink Onto the Pages of Western Novel

"I wanted to write a western that my grandfather would have loved and that my grandfather should have been able to read when he was alive." Blair Palmer Yoxall (BA ‘18) is writing …

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