University of Montreal

The University of Montreal has a relatively powerful HPC facility available for use by C3 and HPCnet users. An application for an account is necessary, and must be approved by the University of Montreal HPCnet comittee before an account is issued.

Eight nodes on the system are available for up to 12 hours a week. The resource currently recieves approximately 75-100% utilization, so there may be delays in retreival of processed data.

Since the facility is intended for computationally intensive work in batch mode, it is necessary that users of the system must submit jobs via a software package called NQS (Network Queuing System).

The facility consists of:

  • 16 CPU SGI R10000 PowerChallenge
  • 4GB memory
  • 20GB disk storage


Operating SystemIRIX64 version 6.2
Compilerscc, CC (C++), Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Power C, Power Fortran
OthersMPI (Message Passing Interface), Gaussian94, deMon
Librariescomplib.sgimath (consisting of BLAS, EISPACK, LINPACK, LAPACK, FFT), NAG, ScaLAPACK


An application for an account must be requested, and approved. For an account application, contact Contact Dennis R. Salahub at or Georges Michaud at

Technical Support

Technical support can be contacted via email. Either Mark E. Casida ( or Jacques Richer ( will be able to answer your questions.

Local documentation is also available.