Current Students

Physics is the fundamental science. All other sciences and technologies rely on the principles of physics, by applying them to their systems of interest and/or by using technology based on them.

Physics is also evident in the world around us, in everything from the seasons, the motion of objects, the flight of birds, the night sky and the weather, to lasers, electronics, and all the technology we rely on today.

The most effective teaching of physics includes the doing of physics. The Department of Physics at the University of Lethbridge is, therefore, very committed to physics research, and is proud of the involvement in research of its Physics majors. The faculty members also believe in providing students with a wide view of physics, exposing students to all areas of the subject, and describing a wide variety of its applications. This enables students to make informed decisions when choosing the areas they pursue, while at the University, and upon graduation. For more program info check here.

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science have a number of special opportunities available including:

The study of physics is a challenging and rewarding experience and will train you to think in an analytical way, opening the doors to many different career opportunities. Graduates from this discipline have gone on to work as professors, medical physicists, research scientists, engineers, medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, and computer scientists.