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Meet our Graduate Students

PhD Students

Marcus Dostie

Primary Supervisors: Stefan Kienzle and Louise Barrett
Committee: Peter Henzi and Shawn Bubel

Thesis Title: Landscapes Effects on the Spatio-Temporal Behaviour of Primates (Provisional Title)

Research interests: Environmental influences on primate spatial behaviour.

Peter Kennedy

Primary Supervisors: Craig Coburn and Anne Smith
Committee: Howard Cheng and Derek Peddle

Thesis Title: Automatic map-guided large area land-cover classification

Research interests: Automatic classification, map-guided classification, large-area classification, decision trees, class probability calibration, automatic optimization of stratification, image chain uncertainties, empirically-based ray-traced BRDF models, cloud modelling and rendering

Linda Flade

Primary Supervisors: Laura Chasmer
Committee: TBA

Thesis Title: Ecosystem change in a permafrost environment due to thaw and wildlife disturbance

Research interests: TBA

Shaghayegh Mirmasoudi

Primary Supervisors: James Byrne
Committee: Roland Kröbel, Ryan MacDonald, Dan Johnson, Ross McKenzie

Thesis Title: High-resolution modelling of climate change impacts on water supply and demand, crop nutrient usage and GHG emissions in western Canada.

Research interests: Integrated watershed management: Climate change impacts on water resources and crop yield, Crop modelling, Farm Green House Gases (GHG) management, Soil nutrient modelling, Evapotranspiration modelling, Runoff modelling.

Fariborz Mansouri

Primary Supervisors: James Byrne
Committee: Paul Hazendonk, Bryson Brown, and Locke Spencer

Thesis Title: Integrated renewable energy networks in Alberta

Research interests: Integrated renewable energy networks, Designing and analyzing renewable energy systems, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Earthquake resistant design of buildings, The seismic behavior and design of concrete and steel structures.

MSc Students

Kyle Bexte

Primary Supervisor: Philip Bonnaventure (primary) and Matthew Letts
Committee: Stefan Kienzle, Christopher Hopkinson, Matthew Letts

Title: Comparing field-based high-resolution monthly air temperature modeling to current climate down-scaling techniques for an area of complex topography, Westcastle, AB.

Research interests: Climate, environment, modeling, GIS

Trevor Deering

Primary Supervisor: Stefan Kienzle (primary) Ravinder Virk (co-supervisor)
Committee: Philip Bonnaventure and Tom Jensen

Thesis title: Digital Soil Mapping in the Westcastle Watershed:  Modelling Soil Properties of Mountainous Terrain

Research interests: Soil Science, Weed Science, Crop Production and Pesticide Science

Kailyn Nelson

Primary Supervisor: Laura Chasmer
Committee: TBA

Thesis title: Estimating spatial variability of peatland wildfire carbon emissions in Alberta's Boreal Plains

Research interests: TBA

Jade Cooley

Primary Supervisor: Hester Jiskoot
Committee: Philip Bonnaventure and Timothy Bartholomaus

Thesis title: The effect of fog, calving, and geothermal heat flux on the mass balance of Jan Mayen glaciers

Research interests: Ice-volcano interactions, glacier edge effects, glacier surges, polar glaciology (North: North Atlantic, South: ice shelves), grain-scale snow/ice processes, cryoseismology, glacier modelling, professional puns

Courtney Rieger

Primary Supervisor: James Byrne

Thesis title: (tentative) Multi-lateral climate change communication using citizen science as a tool for adaptation

Research interests: Can OpenStreetMap as citizen science software that engages the global community, be used as a mechanism to communicate the impacts of climate change? If so, can its contribution to disaster preparedness, increase the adaptability of vulnerable communities? My conceptual framework includes defining climate change, vulnerability, adaptive capacity, disaster and risk preparation and response, as well as citizen science. The natural disasters I focus on are climate induced, specifically tropical cyclones, flooding and storm surges. I also have a case study review to support the methodology of my research proposal which utilizes OpenStreetMap crisis mapping.

Dave McCaffrey

Primary Supervisor: Christopher Hopkinson

Thesis title: Treeline Reconstruction in the Canadian Rocky Mountains: Novel Methods and Historic Comparisons.

Research interests: Ecology, Hydrology and Remote Sensing

Charmaine Bonifacio

Primary Supervisor: Stefan Kienzle
Committee: Wei Xu and John Zhang

Thesis title: Estimation of water availability under climate change within the upper Oldman Dam Watershed.

Research interests: My research topic is the estimation of water availability under climate change in the Oldman Dam watershed using the Agricultural Catchments Research Unit (ACRU) model. I am interested in improving ACRU model through better data processing and management as well as the automation of modelling procedures using a combination of programming languages such as VBA, Phython, and Fortran.

Stephnie Watson

Primary Supervisor: Dan Johnson
Committee: James Byrne and Amir Akbary

Thesis title: TBA

Research interests: Environmental Assessment of Public Transit, Agriculture Disease Tracking, Meteorological Analysis (ex.Precipitation Capture), Environmental Risk Management, Environmental Policy

MA Students

Trina Burgess

Primary Supervisor: Ivan Townshend
Committee: Tom Johnston and Susan McDaniel

Thesis title: Locational Patterns and Housing Preferences of Millennials in Canada

Research interests: Where young adults choose to live and why